Keep Your Name/Company Name
​OFF Public Records!

You've worked too hard building your nest eggs.

Everyday, we see lawsuits filed where a dirtbag tries to steal a business owner's assets and bank accounts.

Make it virtually impossible for anyone, neighbors, friends, government officials, family, attorneys, tenants and more to find out what you own when searching for public records.

This simple system allows you to HIDE All of Your Assets which is your first step in creating a bullet-proof asset protection plan.


Your Real Estate

Your Vehicles

Bank Accounts

Notes and Mortgages

Deals & Investments

Why Choose Us?

Long story short, we are investors just like you. As we invested our time, energy, effort along with some risk, we achieved a good bundle of Golden Nest Eggs. This system was created in 1999 by Mike Butler and his expert Attorney Harry Borders because almost all insurance companies cancelled and stopped writing insurance on rental and investment properties. Insurance was no longer your first line of defense in asset protection.

In fact, back then, you could not get any liability protection insurance. Mike and Harry freaked out regarding this huge exposure. Together, after about 2 months of weekly meetings, developed and created this powerful “Control Everything, Own Nothing” System to protect their own assets, families, businesses and more.

Part of this sytem we can give credit to Al Capone. Yes, Chicago’s biggest gangster actually used a very similar system. Mike Butler, retired from his full time job in the Criminal Intelligence Unit of the Louisville Police Dept. and he did long term undercover police detective investigations involving murder for hire, contract killings and organized crime including his involvement in Federal Task Forces and the Bomb Squad. He had access to how criminal organizations had “systems and structure” to hide all of their assets. Mike and Harry implemented these hidden secret strategies to hide your assets. Now you can have this benefit too.

In the spring of 2013, Tom Calhoun in Florida called Mike Butler requesting help for hiding his assets in Florida due to a huge expected upcoming lawsuit and he offered to pay a fee and an annual servicing fee for forwarding all property tax bills, assessments, notices, etc. Mike told Tom to give him a day or two to think it over. Mike Butler reached out to his attorney Harry Borders to schedule another business meeting at Hooters. (it’s located one block away from both Mike’s and Harry’s offices.)

After Tom Calhoun’s prompting, and working out how this could work for investors everywhere, LLC was born in May 2013.

Our website is ugly because we’re doing it on our own and we both have our own real estate businesses to run on a daily basis. We will in the near future post some short videos from investors using our services.

Mike Butler

  • Hide Your Real Estate

  • Hide Your Vehicles

  • Hide Your Bank Accounts

  • Hide Your Notes & Mortgages

  • Hide Your IRA Deals

  • Hide Other Investments


After developing and creating this system for our own protection. LLC was born to help folks in any business or occupation, just like you, to hide and protect all of your assets you have worked so hard to acquire. Unfortunately, we live in a lawsuit happy world where attorneys and their clients try to steal  your wealth you have worked so hard to acquire.



Allows you to do it all in your own backyard using the KISS method without the expensive, complicated, mumbo jumbo entities involving Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming and more. STOP it right now and we can fix all of this for you.



Compared to other outrageously expensive asset protection systems, LLC offers you a very affordable, brain-dead-simple system to maintain thus keeping your asset protection system safe and secure. Most of those super expensive system require out of state entities such as Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming, etc. and all it takes is for you to forget to do one step and it destroys your protection because “You did not behave properly.” This is commonly referred to as an attorney “Piercing Your Corporate Veil.”  You have no worries with our simple “Control Everything, Own Nothing” System.