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“Done for You Real Estate Trust Agreement with Built-In Trustee”

3 Easy Steps


  1. Select a Name for Your Real Estate Trust and Make Your Payment
  2. Complete Fill-in-the-Blank Online Form
  3. Download “Real Estate Trust Helper Checklist”


Your Trust Agreement will be prepared and completed within 24 hours during business hours and will be delivered to you via email.
Orders received after 1pm Eastern Time on Fridays will be prepared on Monday. Holidays are Holidays.

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Create Your Real Estate Trust Agreement



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Real Estate Trust Helper Checklist


Instruction Sheet for Attorney/Title Company


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Forward Property Tax Bills to You


How Does It Work?

It’s a lot simpler than you think.

STEP 1: Choose Your Name and purchase your Real Estate Trust Agreement.

STEP 2: Upon payment, you will see a simple fill-in-the-blanks Form to Create Your Trust.

  • NOTE: Please have the legal description of your real estate handy

STEP 3: After your Real Estate Trust Agreement is prepared, it will be emailed to you in pdf format.

  1. Each Beneficial interest(s) must sign, date, and get their signatures notarized.
  2. Once signed and notarized, mail the original to LLC
  3. LLC will sign and notarize as Trustee.
  4. The ORIGINAL signed Real Estate Trust Agreement will be mailed to you for your safekeeping. You keep and store the original and LLC stores a digital copy of your records in your account.

This completes the Done For You Real Estate Trust Agreement with the Built-In Trustee process.

If You Already Own This Real Estate:

STEP 1: Purchase Your Done For You Real Estate Trust with Built-In Trustee.


STEP 2: Contact your real estate attorney or title company – (you should only be charged for a recording fee provided you have a business relationship established. Also, have them note there is no transfer tax on this deed as it is not a taxable event)

  1. Instruct them to prepare a “Quit Claim Deed” with
  2. Transferring ownership from you to “The ______ ______ ______ Trust”
  3. Trustee is “ LLC”

STEP 3: Have the deed emailed to LLC for signatures and we will return sign via email and snail mail, then contact your insurance agent about your “New Owner of Record.”

If You Are Buying Real Estate:

STEP 1: Use the name of your Trust as the Buyer on your offer.

  • NOTE: legally, you should have your Trust agreement already set up and in place; however, in the real world of investing, you and I both know this would be a major pain in the butt as not all offers are accepted. Therefore, do not worry about creating your done for you real estate trust agreement until you have a done deal.

STEP 2: Proceed as normal for the remainder of your purchase process understanding the Trustee will be signing for the buyer on all documents involved in your purchase.


STEP 3: Contact Your Insurance Agent about your new investment and “Owner of Record.”

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